Sunday, November 15, 2009

wow, it's been a while

So as August came upon us, I became extraordinarily busy in getting ready for school and other fun stuff. And then there was school, and I don't know if you know this, but junior year is ridiculously difficult! I never knew I could do so much work for just 4 classes. Thankfully, I've learned how to manage my time so I have a few minutes here to slack off, before I begin summarizing an article by Boethius of Dacia. And yes, that will be about as fun as it sounds.

So recently, I started climbing here at school, something my boyfriend has been pestering me about for what seems like decades, and surprisingly, I love it! It turns out I'm actually better than I thought I would be. It turns out that after years of trying softball, gymnastics, field hockey, tennis, and soccer, the girl who sucks at sports may have found an athletic activity she doesn't hate/one that doesn't make people hate her. And climbing has actually inspired me to begin doing a little light weight-lifting so I can actually pull myself up that damn wall. I didn't know how incredibly weak I was until I watched this tiny, thin girl scamper up the same climb I had been trying for about 20 minutes.
So today, with my boyfriend by my side, I entered the weight-lifting room and thanked the gods for their mercy. Because it was a sunny Sunday on campus, the bulky, muscley, red-faced jocks that typically inhabited the weight-room were outside running around without shirts on, listening to Dave Matthews (no, seriously. There was a group of them playing bean bags in the WC commons, music blaring). After Harris showed me the first machine, a silly-looking contraption that helps you do sit-ups, I was feeling somewhat unsure about my decision to get more toned. But I stepped up there, wrapped my hot-pink tipped fingers around the sticky rubber handle, and miraculously, did a pull up. I mean, the thing was helping out a lot but giving me some leverage, but I have to say I was pretty proud. I proceeded to do about 9 more before I collapsed in a heap on the grey berber carpet beneath me.
...Just kidding. I didn't fall down, I actually went on to have a fairly successful workout. I learned how to use most of the machines, and even enjoyed using a few of them. I feel like I could go back on my own without Harris and feel secure in what I was doing, though it is nice to have him there to help me adjust the machines and motivate me to do those last 3 reps when I reallllly don't want to. So there you have it, me going to the gym and actually not hating it as much as I thought I would. I hope i have inspired you all to follow in my foot-steps.

In other news, two poems of mine are going to be published in my school's literary magazine! Yayyyy! Not quite as big of a deal as the one getting picked up by Ampersand, but it still counts as something!

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